My Very First Post!

This site is going to be a helpful support system for girls learning how to survive in the adult world. In a few weeks I will be turning 21 (silent screams because FINALLY!!) and sometimes I find myself a little scared just because I’m still in that awkward phase of my life where some days I want to be mature and independent….and other times I want to be a little brat and presend I have no bills, no college debt, no job, and basically no responsibility at all. I know that I’m not alone, or at least I would hope not because that would make me feel terrible. So, I’m hoping that I find great things to share with other girls like me. Average females who just want to graduate college, be rich, marry Channing Tatum, get paid to go shopping everyday, never have homework, or bills, eat whatever you want, and have flawless hair and skin. But because we know that a lifestyle this fabulous is one that a girl could only dream of, we just want to be happy. And I’m learning that being happy is more important than anything, no matter how old you get.

(Sounds kind of cheesy, but it’s TRUE)

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